Diamonds n' Gold Jewelry By Spotted Pony

Visual Metaphors

jewellery boxes are fascinating and useful, from every point of view. The jewellery box is not only a receptacle for a woman's treasures it is a visual metaphor, signalling her personality and often, her status in life. The conservative girl keeps her jewels in a traditional jewellery box. Always rectangular in shape, it has a hinged lid and hasp that locks. When opened, the lid reveals a mirror and trays, compartments and pockets in which each ring and brooch and bracelet is hidden. Larger Jewellery Boxes often encase small travel caskets, a sign that its owner might be open to adventure. The more flamboyant personality keeps her jewellery chest open and swathed with chiffon scarves and ropes of beads.

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Concealing and Revealing

The owner of the "Chinese puzzle" type jewellery box has most likely not got anything valuable inside. Instead, she likes to keep her friends guessing about her life, and doesn't mind wrestling open the different layers simply to access one, favourite ring. One, beautiful marquetry box on a dressing table, free of cosmetics, tissues or other clutter, denotes the woman who appreciates art. The girl in love often places a heart-shaped jewel casket on her dressing table. Invariably covered in pink or red velvet, it is accompanied by a matching photo-frame with a picture of her amour displayed in it.

Beneath the Surface

The fun-loving, old-fashioned girl often favours a jewellery box made to look like a miniature wardrobe or dressing table. These items are little treasures in their own right, displaying hanging chains and pendants through one or even two glass panels. Rings and brooches are stored in the miniature drawers built into the piece. The owner wants to reveal a little of her life, but holds back on the rest. Art deco-style Jewellery Boxes, plain but with rounded corners, signal a girl who is open to new ideas. Boxes with mirrored surfaces denote not vanity but a woman climbing the corporate career ladder. Smoked-glass surfaces also denote the go-getting personality, as these boxes tend to look like miniature filing cabinets. However, watch out for the spray of leaves etched on the surface of the glass, which means that ambition is tempered by a love of nature.

Status and Sophistication

An "antique" silver jewellery box with the owner's name engraved on the lid denotes the woman who has made it in life, and expects to be taken seriously. The artistic lady will greatly appreciate a jewellery box of clear glass, ideal to express her creativity by arranging little coloured trinkets inside. The lady whose jewellery box sports a strong carry handle is likely to be an actress, model or simply, an ever-travelling socialite. However, don't take the pink "ballerina" musical jewellery box too seriously. The owner probably got it as a gift when she was ten years old and hasn't got around to changing it yet. The slogan-bearing "political" box is most likely a leftover from the owner's teenage years. Really, there is no end to the fascinating language of Jewellery Boxes.